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IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset RecoveryWe specialize in IT asset recovery including Cisco routers, VPN, Firewalls and Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco ASA Devices, Cisco Chassis, and More. Sell us your used Cisco equipment and other networking hardware from manufacturers including Nortel Networks, Juniper Networks, Enterasys, Foundry, Extreme Networks, Dell, IBM and more.

If your organization is upgrading equipment or going through a technology refresh of your datacenter or computer systems, we can offer you the best value to help recover those assets.

We can arrange for a free pickup, safe removal and disposition of your equipment. If your equipment is not end of life, it can be refurbished, enhanced and re-sold.

Since 1997, Echoe Electronics, IT Asset Recovery Specialists, have had the experience to provide you with the most value for your surplus equipment. We specialize in providing our customers with the greatest possible Return on Investment (ROI) for their IT Hardware. If you are changing platforms, consolidating systems or just cleaning out your warehouse of unused or un-needed servers, Telephone systems, switches or computers or electronics assets we can help.


Technology Consignment

Technology consignment is a process that allows Echoe Electronics to pickup, refurbish and resell your assets and pay you a predetermined percentage of the sale price or profits. Occasionally there are situations when the exact value of your asset isn’t known at the time you want to dispose of it or the value might actually be greater at a later time. These are times when consignment makes more sense that a purchase bid.


Quick and Simple Hardware Sales

If your organization knows which equipment you want to sell and have an inventory in place, you can quickly submit your hardware list using the Echoe Electronics web form. We will quickly return an offer to purchase , will submit payment via Paypal or corporate check and will pick up or provide Free shipping labels to return your equipment to us.

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