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Electronics Liquidation

Echoe Electronics is headquartered in Waltham, MA. Since 1999, electronics liquidators like Echoe Electronics have specialized in purchasing used & surplus electronics from corporations including used Cisco and other networking equipment, used telephones & telephone systems and other general office electronics.

Our Asset Recovery division offers a full range of services to help you maximize the value of your surplus technology assets. Whether you have a single piece of equipment to sell or an entire facility to liquidate,electronics liquidators can help you liquidate your assets efficiently, effectively and confidentially.

We purchase all types of electronics allowing your organization a single source for all of your liquidation needs. Contact us today to learn how to get beyond fair market value for your surplus assets.

We will come to site and perform a complimentary inventory of your surplus electronics. Once inventoried, we will quickly extend an offer to purchase all non end of life items.


Echoe Electronics is your One-Stop, nationwide asset recovery solution for all types of excess technology assets.

Call a Specialist today at (617) 835-3208!

To request a quote online, please submit Your inventory by using our Submit your Equipment link.

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