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About Us

Echoe Electronics Computer, Telecom and Network liquidation experts offer asset recovery solutions to business and corporate customers, assisting in the removal of their surplus IT assets. Founded in 1997, Echoe Electronics buys and sells surplus Telecom, computer and network equipment, specializing in good condition, technology assets.

Echoe Electronics serves companies of all sizes who may be downsizing, moving, liquidating assets or upgrading their existing equipment. Our clients range from start-up companies al the way up to Fortune 500 Companies.

We provide voice, data, network and used computer liquidation services. We will quickly inventory your assets and will pay cash on the spot for your surplus network equipment.

At your convenience, we will remove your surplus, excess, used computer equipment in a quick and efficient manner. If you have used surplus computers and excess network switches and routers taking up storage space, contact Echoe Electronics Liquidation specialists immediately.

For companies interested in recycling end of life equipment, we offer a recycle program that is in Compliance with DOD Standard of Disk Drive Wiping. Please call Echoe Electronics to assist in clearing out your excess or end of life electronics recyclables.


Our Services

Echoe Electronics is an electronics liquidator and office liquidator which includes e-waste recycling, office liquidation, electronics liquidation, and electronics recycling.

Network and Data Center Liquidation or asset recovery services:

Echoe Electronics is a one-stop solution for recovering and liquidating your surplus network, computer, phone and test/lab equipment. Sell Your Used Computers, Telecom, Servers, Switches, Printers etc.

Sell used Voice and Data Equipment:

Fair prices for used data center equipment, network, telecom and computer equipment: Get a very competitive price for your assets, recover as much as possible.
Echoe Electronics will inventory our equipment and provide quick and competitive quote for immediate purchase .

Asset Recovery:

Echoe Electronics will recover equipment from your office locations. Our trained staff will come to your location at your convenience and professionally pack and move of your surplus equipment, making the sale a quick and effortless for our customers.

Inventory Control:

Echoe Electronics offers cataloging and valuating your existing electronics equipment. We can provide a detailed report of all your equipment and report serial numbers, condition and any other factor required.


Echoe Electronics will manage the recycling destruction of all non value surplus materials to meet the applicable state and federal environmental protection standards.


We offer extremely competitive prices and fast removal. To attain a quick valuation of your equipment, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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